My favorite Foodie Movies

The Hundred Foot Journey – Sweet love story and mouth watering Indian cuisine

Chef – Happy music and a tribute to the “follow your heart” theme

No Reservations – I can’t get enough of this soundtrack. Love it!

Like Water for Chocolate – Love story in Mexico

Julie & Julia – Inspiration from one of the world’s greatest cooks, Julia Child


Great Foodie Reads – obviously not an exhaustive list

I love love love French cuisine! Peter Mayle’s novels, though not cook books per-se, have a wonderful array of uniquely french food references. All of them magnifique! Especially A Year in Provence!

I collect cook books by the dozen both hard copies and electronic versions. However, if I haven’t browsed through them in the past year or so, I pass them on to others who may make better use of them or delete them from my compendium. The older I get the less clutter I want in my life.

Delia Smith is one of my all time favorite cooks! Some of her recipes are basic, as in how to make meringues. And basic is essential, in my book! Others recipes of hers like those in her Winter and Summer collections are simple delicious!

Jamie Oliver is fun and creative.

Some of my all time favorite books are from The Beautiful Cookbook Series. Especially America and Mexico. Gorgeous photos and foolproof recipes, which is always a good thing.

Among my digital cookbooks, I’m a super fan of Cooking for Geeks, seeing as I’m a self proclaimed geek myself. Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold makes for a fascinating read!

Marcus Wareing has to be one of my all time favorite Chefs. His book Cook the Perfect … is one I refer to time and time again.

Any you think I’ve missed?