La Segunda Bakery. The BEST cuban sandwiches and THE source for cuban bread. Historic



Handmade Chocolates: 

The most amazing flavor combinations and most beautiful chocolates I have ever seen and tasted! Featured in the Hunger Games. Very lucky William Dean Chocolates are Tampa based. Luckily, they also have an online store.

William Dean Chocolates



 Eggs, Raw Milk & Honey:

South Tampa Farm is located in the heart of South Tampa. Marion runs an honor system for his honey at the front of the farm house. Go through the gate, and with any luck his dog will take you down the path to where the coolers are. Help yourself to raw milk, eggs, yogurt and leave your cash in the pot. Their physical address is 6101 South 2nd Street, Tampa, Florida 33611. If you are driving south on MacDill Avenue, take a left going east on Interbay Blvd. The third street on your right is 2nd Street. Turn right going south and go till the absolute dead end. Look to the right and you will see the Honey Honour Stand and the front of the farm.

South Tampa Farm Honey Honor Stand



Shrimp (wild and fresh):

Tampa Shrimp Docks. Wild shrimp straight off the boat. Caught in the Keys. Versaggi Shrimp is my favorite seller on the Docks. It’s the first one on the left.



Seafood (and great place for lunch outside):

I.C. Sharks. Seafood market and outdoor eating on the water. A must-go-experience! Right off the Gandy Bridge, St. Pete side.



Vegetables, Fruit, Lobsters and Asian Ingredients:

Sanwa Farmer’s Market. Melting pot of people and cultures after fresh and exotic produce. Strong Asian influence and supplier to most of the local restaurants around Tampa. It’s also the best place for fresh live lobsters at great prices!








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